Prompt, Accurate Safekeeping Services


Huntington offers Mutual Fund Custody and Alternative Investment Fund Custody programs that are efficient, flexible and offer efficient reporting options. Huntington is a trusted alternative for custody services to those funds that select independent third-party fund service providers.

Custody services provided to mutual fund and alternative investment fund clients include:

  • Daily reporting of cash availability within the fund.
  • Secure safekeeping of domestic and global assets.
  • Prompt and accurate trade settlement.
  • Automated Custody Net Settlement for high volume, matched trade processing.
  • DTC/NSCC settlement services.
  • Receipt of dividends and interest for eligible assets on payable date.
  • Corporate action tracking and coordination with fund managers.
  • Real-time Internet access for fund advisors and their service providers via Portfolio Today.
  • Automated account holdings and transaction activity support

For more information, please contact a Huntington Mutual Fund and Alternative Fund Custody Service Representative at 614-331-8825, weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.