Link your BuckID™ to a Huntington checking account and get access to cash, through ATMs and PIN-based Debit Card purchases. How's that for amazing? Only one bank makes this happen. Huntington. Welcome.

Already have a Huntington checking account? Stop by a Huntington branch
to link your BuckID.

Features and Description

What's so great about linking my card to my Asterisk-Free Checking® account? - Carry just one card. It's all you need!
- Get cash from any Huntington ATM without a fee
- Use your card to make PIN-based purchases anywhere
- You must use a PIN to make purchases with your BuckID, so it is harder for someone else to use it if it is lost or stolen.
How do I link my BuckID to my Huntington checking account?

1. Open a Huntington Checking account.
If you already have a Huntington Checking account, that's great! Go to step 2. If you don't have a Huntington Checking account, you can open one in a branch, online or by calling 1-855-341-4OSU (4678).

Here's the information you'll need: - Valid state issued ID
- Your current BuckID
- Your current mailing address
- Your home address
- Phone number
- Social Security Number
- Email address

2. Get a new linkable BuckID.
A linkable BuckID card has a 16-digit account number and the Huntington logo on the back. If yours doesn't, it's not linkable and you need a new one. Contact the BuckID office in the Ohio Union for more info on getting or replacing your card for free at 1-614-292-0400.

3. Tell Huntington you want to link your
BuckID to your checking account.

If you already have an account, just stop by a Huntington branch to link your BuckID.

Will the BuckID be the only debit card I receive or will I also get a Huntington Debit Card? You will have two cards - a BuckID and a Huntington debit card. When you open your Huntington Checking account, you will recieve a Huntington Debit Card - choose from one of our debit card designs, including two Buckeye Banking options. You can use this card for PIN-based and signature-based transactions. Your linked Buck ID can be used to make PIN-based purchases and ATM withdrawals tied to your checking account.
So how do I use my BuckID with my checking account? Once your BuckID card is linked to your Huntington Checking account, you can use your BuckID card to: withdraw cash from Huntington ATMs without a fee, make PIN-based checking account transactions and still make BuckID transactions using the stored value on the card as you do already. Just tell the merchant which you prefer when both BuckID terminals and PIN terminals are available.
Will I see the transactions I make with my BuckID in my statement? Any time you use your BuckID to make PIN-based purchases or ATM withdrawals, you will see these transactions on your Huntington statement. They come out of your checking balance and will appear with your other checking account transactions. Transactions made within the BuckID merchant network without using a PIN will not come out of your checking account and will not show up on your statement.
What if I have a question about a transaction? If you've used your BuckID as a debit card and have a question, stop into any Huntington branch or call 1-855-341-4OSU (4678).
What's so great about Asterisk-Free Checking®? Learn more  about Asterisk-Free Checking®.
What if my account is overdrawn? All personal Huntington checking accounts come with 24-Hour Grace®. If your account is overdrawn, make a deposit during the next business day and make it right, and the overdraft fee will be waived. Learn more about how it works.
What if my linked BuckID is lost or stolen? Visit any Huntington branch or call 1-800-480-BANK (2265) and select option 3 to report your linked BuckID as lost or stolen. Alert the BuckID office at 614-292-5700 immediately in order to suspend your BuckID. Visit a Huntington branch to link your new ID to your checking account.

Already have a Huntington checking account? Stop by a Huntington branch to link your BuckID. For more information, call 855-341-4OSU(4678).

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Asterisk-Free Checking®, is a federally registered service mark of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated.