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More Time. Not More Fees. Now With Email & Text Alerts Now if your account is overdrawn, just make a deposit during the next business day and make it right - and no overdraft fees. Every Huntington consumer account comes with 24-Hour Grace® automatically, at no charge. Beautiful, isn't it?
24-Hour Grace® is our unique Overdraft Fee relief that we provide as a benefit for our consumer checking, savings and money market deposit accounts. Here's how it works.

When there aren't enough funds in your account to cover checks, debit card purchases or other payments and withdrawals, banks can do one of three things:

  1. Allow you to overdraw your account to cover the items and charge you an Overdraft Fee.
  2. Decide not to let you do that and return the item (for example, bounce your check) and
    charge you a Return Fee.
  3. Or, for certain items (such as debit card purchases or ATM withdrawals), simply deny a
    payment authorization request, in which case the transaction ends there with no fee.

But here's the Huntington difference. We offer you 24-Hour Grace® on all consumer checking, savings and money market deposit accounts. 24-Hour Grace® helps you avoid an Overdraft Fee when we allow you to overdraw your account. All you have to do is make a sufficient and timely deposit during the next business day following the day of the overdraft and we'll waive the Overdraft Fee. You can even sign up for email or text alerts to let you know an overdraft has occurred.

Please note that 24-Hour Grace is not applicable, however, if we return the item and charge a Return Fee.

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