Hurricane Sandy Assistance

When Hurricane Sandy ripped across the East Coast, Mid-Atlantic and & Midwest this past week, it damaged many properties and countless homes remain without power. However just as a reminder, many of these losses are covered by your insurance policy. Huntington Insurance is here to help.

Although the impact to our Midwest coverage area is minimal, in response to this storm we want to provide a claims update with related claims and emergency contact information. Our insurance carriers have implemented their Catastrophe Response Plans, and adjustors have been assembled to help resolve claims as quickly as possible. A majority of our carriers are available 24 hours a day.

Huntington Insurance is ready and available to assist our customers in reporting their claims to the carrier. There are two methods of reporting available to you:

  • Report your claim direct to the carrier - our Top 10 carriers are listed below.
  • Report your claim to Huntington Insurance and we will report your claim to the carrier for you. Our claims representatives can be reached at: 1-877-494-446


    • Allied Insurance - 800-282-1446
    • Cincinnati Insurance - 877-242-2544
    • Chubb Insurance - 800-252-4670
    • Encompass - 800-588-7400
    • Grange - 800-445-3030
    • Hanover - 800-628-0250
    • Safeco - 800-332-3226
    • Selective - 866-455-9969
    • Travelers - 877-872-8737
    • Westfield - 866-937-2663

For your reference, The Ohio Insurance Institute provides the following helpful insurance coverage information:

Home Coverage

  • Water back-up: Coverage for sewer drain back-up is available through many insurance companies as a homeowners or renters policy endorsement. Coverage limits and costs vary by carrier so it’s important to understand what is – and isn’t – covered under this endorsement.
  • Wall and ceiling leaks: If roofs and gutters have been damaged by a covered loss (i.e., wind, tornado, hail) interior wall and ceiling leaks from seeping rain are covered by homeowners insurance. Deductibles apply.
  • Flood insurance: Damage caused by flooding is excluded from homeowners and renters insurance policies. This protection is available through the purchase of a flood insurance policy.
  • Wind (Tornado) coverage: Damage caused by high winds, tornadoes and hail are covered by homeowners, renters and commercial insurance policies. Homes or belongings damaged as a result of a fallen tree due to wind or lightning strikes – whether it’s your tree or a neighbor’s tree – are generally covered by your homeowners insurance policy. Tree removal costs are also covered when being removed from the damaged structure. Deductibles apply, and coverage varies by carrier.
  • Debris removal: Typically the cost associated with removing a fallen tree (or trees) is covered on a per tree allowance, each policy varies.
  • Reasonable repairs: Costs incurred from taking measures to protect against further damage (such as placing plastic over a damaged roof, covering windows to prevent further rain damage, etc.) are likely reimbursable under your homeowners policy. Save these receipts.
  • Damage to trees: Residential trees, shrubs, plants or lawns are not covered when damaged by wind or hail. Limited coverage is provided if damages are caused by fire, lightning, explosion, riot or civil commotion, aircraft, non-owned vehicles, vandalism, malicious mischief or theft. The limit is typically a percentage of the dwelling amount, and a limit per tree applies.
  • Food spoilage: Homeowners insurance policies differ, but food spoilage is normally excluded if the cause of loss is an off-premises power outage (downed power lines, etc.). Some insurers offer a “refrigerated property coverage” endorsement that provides coverage – typically up to $500 – for frozen/refrigerated items due to loss of power. Contact your insurance professional to see if coverage applies.
  • Loss of use: If required to seek temporary housing due to a covered loss, check your policy for “additional living expense” or “loss of use” coverage. Many policies cover additional expenses (like motel and dining) up to a stated amount. Loss of power is not considered a covered loss.

Vehicle Coverage

Vehicles pot-marked by hail or debris or damaged by flooding are covered under the “other-than-collision” (comprehensive) portion of an auto insurance policy. This is optional coverage that protects insured vehicles in situations other than a collision.

Individual Insurance

For Individuals & Families

Personal insurance options available to protect you & your family.

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