People are the heart of our business.

At Huntington, looking out for each other isn’t just something we say, it’s how we do business. Especially when that business takes us out of the office and into our communities. Because we know by working with local organizations, we can help our communities thrive. Click through the videos to see some of our favorite neighborhood moments of 2018.

Working together to end cancer.

Empowering underserved communities.

Bringing fresh food to areas that need it most.

Helping a small business make a big impact.

Investing in the future through education.

Saving lives, one AED device at a time.


An amazing thing happens when we look out for each other. The world… works. Even helping someone in a small way can have a huge impact. It’s the idea at the core of Huntington. And one we’re trying to spread. So, let’s look out for each other.

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