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Huntington Relocation


Direct Bill Program: Huntington will advance the closing costs, then after the settlement statement is signed, Huntington will bill your employer directly.

Special Programs: These innovative programs, including portfolio loan and smart shopper programs, were created to help make the process of relocation easier.

Affinity Programs: Attracting and keeping good employees is made easier through Huntington's HeadStart programs.

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Huntington has been providing mortgage financing for relocating employees nationwide since 1988. We are a leader in offering products and services designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our corporate clients and their transferees. As an employee relocating, you'll benefit from our competitive interest rates, low and minimum documentation programs, fast turnaround times and customized mortgage financing programs for international transferees, those seeking a jumbo loan and buyers whose credit may be slightly impaired.

We pride ourselves on delivering friendly, personalized service, competitive interest rates and loan programs. Our clients expect the optimum in service and it is our pledge to provide our best to you!

Relocation Program Highlights

  • Qualification: Huntington qualifies relocating employees using expanded qualification ratios to increase the buying power of a transferee.

  • Direct Bill: Today many relocating families have dual incomes. They can face difficulties obtaining comparable housing because their effective combined income is initially reduced in a relocation. Because of this, Huntington allows consideration of up to 100% of the trailing spouse's former income. This enables the employee to obtain comparable housing without the trailing spouse having a firm job offer in the new location.

  • Private mortgage insurance: If private mortgage insurance (PMI) is required, PMI approval is granted simultaneously with Huntington underwriting approval. This reduces loan processing time and allows the employee to close more quickly. We even get reduced rates that aren't available to non-relocating buyers. Better yet we have programs where, with approved credit and 10 to 15% down payment, we can waive the mortgage insurance with no add-on to the interest rate.

  • Diversified product menu: Huntington offers a variety of conventional fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, including FHA and VA loans, tailored to suit individual relocation financing needs. The possibility of a future relocation is taken into account when counseling the transferee about the most suitable program to meet his or her needs.

  • Centralized operation: All loans are organized and processed from Huntington's corporate relocation headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Centralized operations enable us to maintain the highest level of quality control and provide immediate accessibility to account managers, mortgage consultants, loan processors and our closing department.

  • High cost area programs: A Temporary Buydown or Mortgage Subsidy Program is a mortgage loan that qualifies a borrower for more of a loan than they could normally afford by structuring the cost of living allowance their employer gives them as subsidy to their mortgage payment. This can easily afford them 18% or more of a loan than they could previously be approved for.

    There are also many advantages to the employer for structuring the cost of living allowance in this way, for example, the Subsidy Buydown Program allows your company to pay the employee cost of living adjustment over time instead of in one up-front payment.

  • Creativity: If your corporation has a special need, we can create a program to service that need. At Huntington, we believe in a team approach and we like to think outside the box. We can even provide Warehouse lines of credit and servicing programs for mortgages that your corporation may fund themselves.

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