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Direct Billing is an innovative concept designed to simplify reimbursement of relocation mortgage costs with significant benefits to the transferees. Huntington actually advances the corporate reimbursable closing costs to the new home closing. The corporation does not have to forward any funds to closing or give an advance to the employee off the Good Faith Estimate.

The employee only has to bring pre-paids and the balance of his or her down payment to the closing. We will bill the corporation with a copy of the actual signed settlement statement. The direct billing program is tailored to each corporation's relocation policy.

Benefits to Your Employee
Eliminates the need for the lender to verify these assets.
Allows transferee to utilize their assets throughout the relocation process. The employee's funds are not "tied up" in the reimbursement paper trail.
Enables employees to accept transfer more readily when their personal assets are always available to meet their changing financial needs.
Reduces documentation required from borrower detailing company relocation benefits.
Eliminates the need to submit for an advance and then reconcile with accounting after the closing.

Benefits to Your Company
Simplifies paperwork associated with reimbursement of relocation expenses.
Provides itemized statement verifying each employee's expenses and alleviates the need for time-consuming expense reconciliation and audits.
Corporation's assets can be used more effectively and efficiently without advancing funds.
No more last minute "I need a check" phone calls.


The Direct Bill Program is designed to meet your relocation policy's parameters, giving your corporation additional control by letting us explain the covered expenses and avoiding misunderstandings with the transferring employee. And, it doesn't cost you anything!

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