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Following are some of the innovative programs and features offered by Huntington Relocation Lending.

  • Direct Bill Program: Huntington will advance the corporate reimbursable costs to closing at no charge. The client's company will not have to forward any funds to closing and the client only brings the non-reimbursable items and down payment. Statements are itemized for each individual borrower and the client's company is billed.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: Huntington offers relocating employees preferred rates.
  • No Mortgage Insurance Program: For transferees with excellent credit Huntington has 30-Year Fixed and Portfolio ARM loans available that do not require private mortgage insurance and with as little as 10% down.
  • Recast Option: Huntington will allow the client's mortgage payment to be recalculated to a lower amount on any loan that has had a principle payment reduction. The fee is waived for relocating transferees within the first 6 months of their closed loan date.
  • Portfolio Loan Programs: Sometimes borrowers do not fit the typical Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac profiles due to either International Relocation (not enough credit established in the United States), or due to the purchasing of a non-conforming condominium. These clients are perfect candidates for Huntington's portfolio loan programs. Portfolio loans provide homes for people with good credit histories but non-traditional situations or properties.
  • Free Pre-Approval: No application fee for any transferee who applies on-line, over the telephone, via fax, mail or e-mail.
  • Smart Shopper Program: In times of rising interest rates it makes sense to secure a rate as soon as possible.  With Huntington's Smart Shopper Program the borrower can lock the rate for 60 days. That gives the borrower 30 days to enter into a contract and an additional 30 to close on the new home.
  • Float Down Option: In times of falling rates, Huntington can offer a float down option. Huntington's Float Down Option allows the employee to float down the interest rate to current market rate plus .125% once loan is within 30 days of closing. The employee is able to exercise the float down option of the interest rate up to 7 days prior to closing.
  • FHA Financing: FHA allows first-time homebuyers and current homeowners to buy a home with 3% down payment. (100% gift funds allowed)
  • Interest Only Programs: This is a great option for someone moving to a high cost area or a foreign national moving to the US for a short period of time.  Paying only the interest on a mortgage can help a borrower qualify for a higher priced home.  High net worth individuals also find this program attractive; it allows them to invest their money for a higher return elsewhere.

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