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Give your employees a new kind of benefit from Huntington Mortgage Group.

If you're in business today, one of your biggest challenges is attracting good employees - and keeping them. While things like compensation and the work environment are important to employee satisfaction, the benefits you offer can give your company the competitive edge it needs. Huntington Mortgage Group can help you enhance your company's benefits with two innovative programs: HeadStart and HeadStart Plus.

Huntington HeadStart
With the HeadStart program, we'll give your employees a free mortgage pre-approval and a $250.00 credit toward their closing costs. Our customers find that having a pre-approval on their mortgage takes much of the stress and uncertainty out of house hunting and the loan approval process. And, you pay nothing to offer HeadStart to your employees.

Huntington HeadStart Plus
The HeadStart Plus program allows you to customize your level of corporate participation. For example, you might choose to match the money that is provided by Huntington Mortgage Group. Or, you might cover the cost of appraisal or points on the loan. Many companies create tiered benefit levels, offering Huntington HeadStart to the general employee population and HeadStart Plus to their executive staff.

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