Huntington checking accounts fit your financial needs.

Different people have different needs. That’s why, at Huntington, we focus on understanding you and your must-haves, whether it's earning interest, no monthly maintenance fee, or no minimum balance requirement.
Checking Account Comparison

Personal checking account options.

There are three great personal checking accounts to choose from at Huntington. Learn about each checking account, and compare checking accounts to decide the best account for what you need.
High interest checking account


Consider moving up to premium. The Huntington 25 Checking account offers higher interest earnings, unlimited non-Huntington ATM withdrawals1, free checks and more.

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Interest checking account


How about a checking upgrade? With a Huntington 5 Checking account, your money earns interest. Plus you get up to 5 non-Huntington ATM withdrawals each month1.

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No fee checking account


Get a checking account with no strings attached. Asterisk-Free Checking is free to open, free to maintain, free from balance minimums, and free from monthly maintenance fees. Yep, no asterisks here.

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Checking Services

How to Open a Checking Account Learn the basics of what documents you’ll need and how to open a checking account at Huntington.
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Checks Order checks and learn the basics about how to read or write a check.
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Joint Checking Getting married or combining finances with someone? Find out about joint checking account options and benefits.
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Switch Banks Considering a switch to Huntington? Learn how to close your current checking account for a smooth transition.
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Account Balance Quickly find your checking account balance in Online Banking or on your bank statement.
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Direct Deposit Set up direct deposit to your checking account for paychecks or other regular payments.
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Student Banking Learn about checking options for minors and college students with our student banking resources.
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What is a checking account and why do I need one?

A checking account is a secure account at a financial institution to store your money, where you can deposit or withdraw money as needed. In the past, you would visit a bank branch to deposit a physical paycheck or withdraw cash from your account. Purchases could be made using a paper check that drew money from your account. While you can still do all of these things, you have many more options now. You can deposit or withdraw money at an ATM, have your paycheck deposited directly into your account, deposit a check through your mobile device, and make purchases with a debit card.

Learn more about the difference between checking and savings accounts.

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