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Since 1866, Huntington has worked hard at building an upstanding name with a trustworthy reputation. We're committed to giving you the individual attention you deserve. With every service and product we offer, we recognize the need to provide you with the right solution. Whether it is a jumbo loan for a large purchase, a low down payment for a first-time homebuyer, or anything in between, we offer mortgage products to meet your needs. We specialize in conventional lending, jumbo, construction, lot loans, and FHA/VA (government) loans.

VA loans require a VA certificate of eligibility. Huntington is not acting on behalf of, or at the direction of, the VA, FHA, or the Federal Government.

Mortgage Loan Officers at this Location

Mauricio Benavente
Mauricio Benavente
Bill Bertram
William F Bertram
Brian Bockholdt
Brian M Bockholdt
William Bren
Willie Bren
Jackie Chong
Jacqueline H Chong
Brendan Cunningham
Brendan Cunningham
Kimberly Gehrke
Kimberly Gehrke
Ahkeem Henderson
Ahkeem K. Henderson
Alan Hosari
Alan Patrick Hosari
Robert Jones
Robert Jones
Matt Kaley
Matt Kaley
Joseph Krzysiak
Joseph K Krzysiak
Daniel Lawton
Daniel L Lawton
Michael Leiva
Michael F Leiva
John Listello
John C Listello
Gerry Lorenzi
Gerry Alan Lorenzi
Thomas Lux
Thomas R Lux
Anna Marek
Anna Marek
S. Kyle Mitter
S. Kyle Mitter
William O'Brien
William Joseph O'Brien
Vito Orave
Vito Orave
Mark Pulford
Mark D Pulford
Ken Schmidt
Ken J. Schmidt
Carlos Vega
Carlos D Vega
Daniel Yelovich
Daniel Allen Yelovich