Look Ahead Calendar for Business

Introducing Look Ahead Calendar

Stay ahead of your money

What if you could see income and expenses coming and plan around them? The Look Ahead Calendar lets you do just that, up to three months in the future, when you add Income Patterns (like a retainer fee) and Payment Patterns (like payroll). The more patterns you add, the better you can predict monthly expenses.

See into the future

See what’s happening in your business account today and up to three months in the future. Just click on a day with a black dot to see scheduled deposits and payments.

Know where your money will go

Based on scheduled transfers, and income and payment patterns you add, we can show you when money will come into your account and when it will go out. Seeing these patterns can help you better plan for your business.

You're in control

After all, it’s your business. Edit or delete patterns, or create new ones that work better for your business. You can change a pattern’s frequency, amount and category.

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