Cash Position & Cash Flow Forecast

An introduction to Cash Position & Cash Flow Forecast

Greater visibility into your business

It can be hard to keep track of your business’ finances. That’s why we came up with Cash Position, which displays your company’s current finances, and Cash Flow Forecast, which shows you the near future. Together, these tools give you more visibility and insight into your finances so you can better plan for today and tomorrow.

A snapshot of your finances

Cash Position shows your beginning balance at the close of the last business day for your Huntington accounts so you know where you stand with just a glance.

See into the future

Cash Flow Forecast provides actual and anticipated balances based on scheduled bills pays, transfers, and payment and income patterns that you input. Plus, you can project cash flow up to 6 months into the future.

Control your cash reserve

Cash Reserve is a minimum account balance that you try to maintain across one or more accounts. A warning appears when you might fall below the amount, which gives you time to adjust. And you can change the amount any time.

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