Grand Rapids Mortgage Banking Office

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We are a full service mortgage banking office in Grand Rapids, Michigan, offering conventional, FHA(government) loans, jumbo, first-time homebuyer and low-to-moderate income buyer programs. We are proud to be members of Grand Rapids Association of Realtors, Home and Building Association of Greater Grand Rapids and Western Michigan Mortgage Lenders Association.

Mortgage Loan Officers at this location

Karla Walker-Gorczyca - Mortgage Sales Manager
Donna Barnaby - Grand Rapids and Surrounding Communities
Thomas Badour - Grand Rapids and surrounding communities
Brendon D. Chapin - Grand Rapids and Surrounding Communities
Dave Couvreur - Grand Rapids and Surrounding Communities
Don Goodger - Grandville and surrounding communities
Jim Long - Greater Grand Rapids and West MIchigan Market Place
Bonnie Potter - Grand Rapids up to Big Rapids
John M. Taylor - Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding communities
Contact Information
1241 East Beltline N.E., Suite 200
Grand Rapids, MI  49525

Phone:  616-771-6396 or 800-511-7007
Fax:  616-235-6427
Weekdays 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and by appointment
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