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Michael J. Smith
NMLS ID: 564757
Mortgage Loan Officer
32 Collis Lane, Suite 6, PO Box 547
Chester, NJ  07930
Telephone:  908-879-8880
Fax:  888-521-6777
Mobile:  908-303-6385

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About me...

I have been in the mortgage industry and real estate sales since 2005. I bring a combination of formal education, specialized training, and practical application to my clients. My experience has resulted in excellent qualifications, attention to detail, listening to customers, and creative problem solving. Working with Huntington affords me the ability to enthusiastically bring my skill set to a growing company.

I will help you determine the type of mortgage loan that best suits your mortgage situation. I will involve myself throughout the transaction process with every interested party to provide a delivery that is as smooth and easy on you as possible.

If you are considering the purchase of a new home or refinancing your existing mortgage, call me. I will help provide you with the products and services unique to your mortgage needs.


We specialize in...

As a New Jersey mortgage lender, we specialize in first-time home buyer programs, FHA/VA (government) loans, and special rates for relocation. We also offer same rates for second homes and special rates for police and firefighters. Please give one of our loan specialists a call today.

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