Thanks to our unique relationship with Ohio State®, we can offer faculty and staff a premier checking account — without the monthly maintenance fee, plus savings on consumer loans with automatic payments from a Huntington checking account. All from the most convenient bank on campus. Welcome.

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Why open a Huntington 5 Checking Acccount? 

Huntington 5 Checking earns you interest on all your deposits, waives five non-Huntington ATM withdrawal fees per statement1, and qualifies you for a 10% Voice Credit Card™ rewards boost2 

0.15% Annual Percentage Yield
INTEREST BEARING. Rates are variable and may change. Fees may reduce earnings.
0.10% ACCOUNT RELATIONSHIP BONUS. Get a rate bump when you open your checking and link your MMA/Savings.3

Additional account features

ATM WITHDRAWAL REBATES We’ll waive 5 non-Huntington ATM cash withdrawal fees at any ATM and reimburse you for withdrawal fees charged by another ATM owner1.
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LINKED RELATIONSHIP SAVINGS ACCOUNT Link a Relationship Savings to your Huntington 5 Checking and we’ll waive your monthly maintenance fee4.
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MONTHLY MAINTENANCE FEE $5 or $0 if you have $5,000 in Total Relationship Balances5.
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ACCESS TO OVER 1,400 ATMS Our Huntington ATMs allow you to withdraw cash, deposit checks and cash, even transfer money between accounts – all for free.
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ACCESS TO OVER 700 BRANCHES Talk about your financial goals with our wide network of bankers and plan for your present and your future.
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24-HOUR GRACE® OVERDRAFT FEE RELEIF If you accidentally overdraw your account we give you more time the next business day to make it right. Learn how it works.
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DEBIT CARD USE FREE FROM HUNTINGTON Use your Huntington debit card freely. It comes with no Huntington ATM fees, PIN or signature fees, or maximum or minimum transaction fees.
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MORTGAGE CLOSING COST DISCOUNT Huntington checking customers get a $250 discount on closing costs.
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FREE ONLINE BILL PAY When you log in to Huntington.com, you can check balances, transfer money and pay bills. Keep track of your spending with our free Online Bill Pay.
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FREE MOBILE BANKING You can check your balance, transfer funds and even deposit checks free from your phone and iPad®. (Carrier's message and data charges may apply.)
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FREE ALERTS Our free, automated text and email Account Alerts can provide daily updates on your money. (Carrier's message and data charges may apply.)
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It's like applying in a branch. Without having to leave home.

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1With Huntington 25 we'll waive all & with Huntington 5 your first 5 non-Huntington ATM cash withdrawal fees per statement cycle at any ATM worldwide. We'll also reimburse you for withdrawal fees on the same transactions charged by the owner of a non-Huntington ATM. You will be responsible for any additional fees charged by the owner of a non-Huntington ATM as well as any international transaction or other fees charged by the network.

2Voice Rewards: There are two options with your Voice Credit Card- a Rewards option, where you can earn points to redeem for cash or merchandise, or a Lower Rate option, with a lower rate than the Rewards option. If you choose the Rewards option and you also open a Huntington 25 or 5 Checking account, you will get a 10% bonus on points earned for Rewards on your Huntington Voice Credit Card. You must maintain your Huntington 5 or 25 Checking account and your Huntington Voice Credit Card to continue to qualify for the 10% Rewards bonus. The 10% bonus is calculated each day by adding together your rewards points earned for each net purchase and multiplying that total by 10%. The 10% bonus in points will be added to your reward point totals and will be reflected on your credit card statement each month. Please review your Rewards terms and conditions for more information, including when you no longer qualify for rewards because your Voice Credit Card is not in good standing.

3The Relationship Interest Rate increase for Huntington 5 and Huntington 25 Interest Checking is applied after the current interest rate is changed; the additional interest is 0.10% when linked to a Huntington 5 Checking account and 0.15% for Huntington 25 Checking Account. The Relationship Interest Rate increase for Relationship Savings, also applies at account opening. Using Huntington 25 Interest Checking as an example, when this account is linked to a Relationship Savings or Relationship Money Market account the customer will qualify for an additional 0.15% to be added to the interest rate of the Relationship Savings or Relationship Money Market, after any rate change. For example, if a rate is changed to 0.10%, a Relationship MMA with a linked Huntington 25 account would receive 0.25% (0.10% + 0.15% Huntington 25 rate increase). For Relationship Savings the 0.15% increase will be applied at account opening or when the existing savings rate is changed. For the Relationship Money Market the 0.15% increase will be applied to the account after the original rate is changed.

4Waiver of $10 monthly maintenance fee when linked to your Huntington checking account.

5Total Relationship Balance You can avoid the monthly checking maintenance fee for any statement period on this checking account when you keep a total relationship balance of at least $25,000 for Huntington 25 and $5,000 for Huntington 5 in a combination of deposits held directly with us or investments made through our affiliate, The Huntington Investment Company. Eligible deposits are this checking account and your personal money market, savings, certificate of deposit (CD), and individual retirement (IRA) accounts. Eligible investments are those in your name which The Huntington Investment Company reports to our deposit system for inclusion in the total relationship balance, and generally include investments (both IRA and non-IRA) held in brokerage accounts and certain direct investments in mutual funds and annuities, as well as retail life insurance products. You must ask us to link eligible accounts for them to be included in the total relationship balance. Eligible accounts you have linked to other checking accounts cannot be linked to this checking account. We figure the total relationship balance each month by adding the qualifying balances, as we determine them, for all of your eligible linked accounts to the average daily balance of this checking account for the monthly statement period.

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