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Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

The Wealth In Your Home Can Do So Much

You can use the accumulated equity in your home to pay for major expenses like home remodeling projects, college tuition, catastrophic medical bills, or debt consolidation. There are two types of home equity borrowing: home equity loans, and home equity lines of credit.

Huntington's Home Equity Loans  

Our home equity loans give you fixed rates and low costs. There are three types to choose from:

Home Equity Loans
This type of loan is an ideal solution for a one-time borrowing need. You'll enjoy low fixed rates, fixed terms and no third-party closing costs.

Home Improvement Loans
You can get the money you need for home improvement projects easily and affordably with lower-than-usual rates and more flexible terms than other more conventional loans.

First Mortgage Equity Loans
Choose a low-cost, convenient way to refinance your first mortgage or use the equity in your home. And save money by not paying mortgage insurance or closing costs.

Home Equity Lines of Credit  

Home Equity Lines of Credit give you low rates, flexibility and convenience.

Huntington Home Equity Personal Credit Line
Home equity lines of credit come with low rates, flexibility and greater convenience. You also get:

  • Tax deductibility
  • Fixed-rate option
  • Check or card access
  • 10 year-term
  • Savings on application costs

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Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit are available only to residents of the following states: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

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