Government Relations

An important part of Huntington’s commitment to community includes active participation in the civic and political processes that impact the lives of our customers, shareholders and colleagues. Huntington’s Government Relations team manages all of the public affairs activities of the company to support Huntington’s business operations and our ability to serve our customers and communities.

Policy Engagement and Political Participation

As a financial holding company, Huntington is extensively regulated at the federal, state and local levels. Because of the ways in which various regulations, laws, and legislation can impact Huntington, we believe it is critically important to take a constructive and active role in the public policy discussions that will shape the future of the industry and our business, and impact the way in which we serve our customers.

Political Action Committee Contributions

HBI-PAC, Huntington’s political action committee, makes bipartisan campaign contributions in compliance with local, state, and federal election laws. All HBI-PAC funds are voluntary donations from eligible colleagues. HBI-PAC supports political candidates and committees that believe in, and encourage, a thriving business environment in which Huntington can strengthen our communities, serve our customers, and support our colleagues and shareholders. The company’s political action committees are overseen by a PAC board of directors, are administered by Government Relations department staff, and are managed in compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws, as well as Huntington’s mission, vision and values. HBI-PAC contributions are publicly available at (Committee ID C00165589) and on the websites of respective state election authorities. No corporate funds are contributed to HBI-PAC.

Company Contributions

Huntington does not use corporate funds, either directly or indirectly, for election-related contributions to political candidates, political parties, or candidate committees, including super PACs or independent expenditure committees. Huntington contributes on occasion to local/state issue and levy campaigns which support the interests of our communities and the company. These contributions are made infrequently, and when made, are publicly reported in alignment with company policy and applicable law, and approved by senior management independent of individual political beliefs.

Legislative Advocacy/Lobbying

Huntington regularly expresses its views on public policy matters to elected officials at various levels of government. The company monitors legislative activities and trends, and advances public policies that will support the bank’s ability to serve its customers and communities. The company employs registered lobbyists to advocate on behalf of the company, our business and various associated stakeholders. Huntington reports on our federal lobbying as required by federal law and at the state and local level as required by applicable state and local law.

Trade Association Membership

Huntington participates in a number of trade associations representing the interests of the financial services industry and the broader business community. These trade associations represent their respective memberships and advocate on policy issues and initiatives important to those constituencies. Membership benefits include deeper engagement across our communities, business opportunities and effective advocacy on behalf of the industry. Trade association membership comes with an understanding that Huntington may not always agree with the legislative positions of the organization or its other members.

Oversight and Management
All political activities conducted by or on behalf of the company are managed by Huntington’s Government Relations department. The group reports to the Chief Public Affairs Officer who is responsible for the department’s policies, activities and legal compliance, with advice from the company’s legal counsel and compliance department. Moreover, the group is subject to the oversight of the Community Development Committee of the Board of Directors. Huntington maintains policies and processes intended to ensure that all public affairs activities are conducted in accordance with those policies and applicable legal limits, as well as Huntington’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which company colleagues review and acknowledge on an annual basis. Government Relations reports not less than annually to the Community Development Committee of the Board of Directors on significant policies, practices and priorities that relate to the company’s public policy objectives.

For questions about Huntington government relations, contact:

Jason Whalen
Government Relations Director
(614) 480-5567

Subpoenas and court orders directed to Huntington should be sent to:

Huntington National Bank
Attn: GW4W34
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