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We want the cities and towns where we work and live to offer all who live there good jobs , stable housing, and a strong sense of belonging. These are the kinds of communities where kids can grow up well, where people can start their own businesses, and where neighbors don't hesitate to reach out and lend a hand to those who need it.

Through the offices of Financial Education and Volunteerism, we focus on two extremely important topics that help grow and strengthen the kinds of communities we believe in:

  1. We teach students of all ages the importance of a financially fit life, and what steps can be taken to grow their financial wellness potential.
  2. We love to share our best asset, our people, within the community through partnerships, small and large, throughout our footprint.

Current Program Highlights include:

Teach A Child to Save Days – School-Aged Children

  • This initiative is launched in the spring and teaches the importance of saving money to elementary school children.
  • Lessons on learning to save, as well as exciting activities to show different ways to save money are the highlights of the program and allow for an interactive experience with our colleagues.
  • Target Audience: Elementary School (2-5 Grades)

Youth Money Smart – School-Aged Children

  • This curriculum teaches students about financial basics. In partnership with the FDIC, Huntington provides grade-level presentations that will arm youth with the information they need to know to prepare for smart money decisions.
  • Topics vary per grade level, with modules available for grades Pre-K-2; 3-5; 6-8; and 9-12.
  • Target Audience: K-12

Reality Days – Middle and High School Students

  • This exciting program introduces young adults to every day financial decisions through career exploration, financial education, and the hands-on experience of making monthly budgeting decisions during a game of life simulation.
  • The event partners the real-life student experience with the FDIC’s Youth Money Smart program, teaching financial empowerment through saving, smart spending, and budgeting.
  • Target Audience: 7-12 Grades

Adult Money Smart - Adult Financial Education

  • In partnership with the FDIC, Huntington offers free basic financial education presentations, including modules: introduction to bank services;; how to choose a checking account; how to keep track of your money; the importance of saving; your rights as a consumer; building and keeping credit; credit card knowledge; what to know about loans; homeownership; and, financial recovery.
  • Target Audience: Adults age 60 and under

Small Business Money Smart

  • In partnership with the FDIC and SBA, Huntington offers free classes for Small Businesses.
  • Modules include organization types; time management; financial management; recordkeeping; banking services; credit reporting; tax planning; insurance options; and selling your business/succession planning.
  • Target Audience: Potential and New Small Business Owners

Money Smart for Older Adults

  • This program provides information and resources for older adults and their caregivers in order to encourage smart financial decisions.
  • Topics include elder financial exploitation and how to keep information and finances safe and secure.
  • Target Audience: Adults over the age of 60

Senior Financial Empowerment

  • This program provides information and resources for older adults and their caregivers in order to encourage smart financial decisions.
  • The event partners FDIC’s Money Smart for Older Adults program with the game of BINGO.
  • Target Audience: Adults over the age of 60

Huntington & MagnusCards

MagnusCards is a free app that teaches life skills through storytelling.

Huntington is working with MagnusCards to help make the world a more accessible place for people with neurodiverse abilities. Regardless of the challenges people may face, we believe that everyone deserves a shot at financial success.

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