Financial Education

We want the cities and towns where we work and live to offer all who live there good jobs , stable housing, and a strong sense of belonging. These are the kinds of communities where kids can grow up well, where people can start their own businesses, and where neighbors don't hesitate to reach out and lend a hand to those who need it.

Through the office of Financial Education and Volunteerism, we focus on two extremely important topics that help grow and strengthen the kinds of communities we believe in:

  1. We teach students of all ages the importance of a financially fit life, and what steps can be taken to grow their financial wellness potential.
  2. We love to share our best asset, our people, within the community through partnerships, small and large, throughout our footprint.

Current Program Highlights include:

Huntington Kids Club – Elementary School Education

  • This hands on program promotes student involvement in all phases of the banking process and provides a fun educational experience, in partnership with the FDIC’s Youth Money Smart Curriculum that promotes teaching students about money and covers educational standards that allow students to learn in a life simulation experience.
  • Students help to staff a mock banking office that is created in cooperation with Huntington colleagues.
  • All students are encouraged to participate in the bank days, as they learn to make logical, informed decisions about money. These decisions will help them develop a strong foundation of good savings habits and basic financial knowledge.

Teach A Child To Save Days – School-Aged Children

  • This initiative is held in the spring and teaches the importance of saving money to elementary school children.
  • Lessons on learning to save, as well as exciting activities to show different ways to save money are the highlights of the program and allow for an interactive experience with our colleagues.

Money Smart Modules

  • In partnership with the FDIC, Huntington offers the Money Smart Curriculum, a comprehensive set of modules that covers financial education topics for consumers.
  • Lessons are available for Young Adults (Age 16 - 23); Adults (Ages 23 and above), as well as Small Business Education.
Adult Money Smart - Adult Financial Education

For adults, Huntington offers education on the following topics:

  • Introduction to bank services
  • Introduction to credit
  • How to choose and keep a checking account
  • How to keep track of your money
  • The importance of saving
  • Your rights as a consumer
  • Building and keeping credit
  • Credit card knowledge
  • What to know about loans
  • Homeownership
  • Financial recovery
Young Adult Money Smart – High School & College Students

Young adults are faced with decisions and need to make smart financial decisions. In partnership with the FDIC’s Money Smart for Young Adults program, Huntington provides a full scale of classes that will arm them with the information they need to know about money and budgeting. Topics include:

  • Banking basics
  • How to choose and keep a checking account
  • Setting financial goals
  • Importance of savings
  • An introduction to credit
  • How to make a credit card work for you
  • Paying for college and cars
  • Information on home ownership and renting.
Small Business Money Smart

In partnership with the FDIC and Small Business Administration (SBA), Huntington offers free classes for Small Businesses. Topics include:

  • Organization types
  • Time management
  • Financial management
  • Recordkeeping
  • Banking services
  • Credit reporting
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance options
  • Selling your business/succession planning.

Cavaliers Huntington Scholarship Program

Presented by Huntington Bank

The Cavaliers and Huntington Bank will award 10 Northeast Ohio high school seniors with a $2,000.00 college scholarship. Graduating seniors must submit a 500-word essay, perform a high level of service in their communities, provide a high school transcript, ACT and/or SAT scores and one letter of recommendation.

Learn more and download the application

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