“Reality Day” Educates and Engages Students in Real-Life Financial Management Decisions

Read Time: 4 Min

Huntington’s Reality Day program introduces students to financial decision making through career exploration, financial education, and hands-on experience making monthly budgeting decisions. Early exposure to personal finance will help position these students to develop smart habits that last a lifetime.

Students collaborating with each other around a table

Our Reality Days program partners real-life student experience with the FDIC’s Youth Money Smart program, teaching financial empowerment through saving, smart spending and budgeting. Students connect the dots as they learn actionable steps to explore their dream career, set goals, build a budget, and understand how financial decisions impact their goals. The program culminates with a fun, interactive simulation that assigns students a life scenario, complete with a job, family status and credit score. Students then visit booths and using a simulated checking account, pay for necessities while being challenged to make wise choices and successfully create a balanced budget.

Through this immersive experience, students develop foundational knowledge and skills to manage their money effectively, build a financially secure future, and achieve their life goals.