How to Manage Your Money

How to manage money

Basic Finance 101

“Basic” finance is anything but basic. That’s why at Huntington, we work hard to help you navigate your finances with ease. Our basic finance 101 guides are meant to help you navigate your day-to-day finances like saving for retirement or a vacation, or buying a car as well as unexpected emergencies like home improvements or health issues. Managing your money doesn’t have to be taxing. Explore our personal finance guides to help you budget for anything that life throws at you.

Personal Finance Guides

Additional Resources

Balancing Worksheet

Learn how to easily balance your checking account with this printable worksheet and step-by-step instructions.

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Financial Calculators

Use our free interactive calculators and educators to estimate your payment, compare potential borrowing costs and finesse your monthly budget.

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Online Banking Overview

Learn how online banking keeps your money within reach and allows you to manage money easily and securely from nearly anywhere.

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Have Questions Specific to Checking Accounts?

Looking for more information around checking accounts? Visit our checking account education section to learn more about checks and how to open a checking account online.
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