Access Sharing

Share your accounts with an authorized user.

Access Sharing allows you to give permission to an authorized user, like a family member or accountant, to do limited digital transactions like online bill pay or an internal funds transfer.


Enrolling is Easy

Add a family member or financial advisor to your account in a few simple steps. Log into your online banking account and look for Access Sharing in your Profile at the top of the page. Follow the prompts and you’re on your way.
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Give Access, Keep Control

When you add a new user, you’ll be notified as the account owner. The new user will also be notified with details on how to log in. You can manage or remove access for users at any time and see what transactions they’ve made.
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Secure Sharing

Access Sharing means you’re giving access to your checking, savings, or credit card account(s) to someone you’ve authorized for secure banking. Transactions are limited to online bill pay and internal fund transfers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Consumer: Children (over 18), Partners, Accountants and Other Service Providers
  • Private Bank: Children (over 18), Partners, Accountants and Financial Managers, Wealth Managers
  • Business: Staff, Partners, Professional Service Providers
No, however they will need to accept the invitation from the customer for Access Sharing and complete enrollment in Online Banking.
  • Transfers (Huntington accounts only)
  • Bill Pay (existing payee transactions only)
  • Stop Payments
Yes! They will be able to toggle back and forth between their profile and the Access Sharing accounts they been given access to.
Because the customer identified the user and shared access, the user’s identity is verified, and safeguards have been put in place minimizing the risk of fraud.
No, at this time Access Sharing is not available for POA’s, Rep Payee or Trusts accounts.
The User (delegate) will receive an email invitation at the address provided by the you, the customer.
Only accounts eligible for Access Sharing will appear (certain accounts are not eligible for access sharing).

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