Simplified Management With PC Banking

Organize your money with personal computing software. PC banking lets you access account details, transaction info and more from your PC.

PC Banking

With Quicken® or QuickBooks®, you can have access to your account information in a familiar environment that looks much like your paper checkbook.

With PC Banking You Can:

  • Balance your bank accounts quickly and easily by downloading current information on balances and transactions for your Huntington accounts
  • Pay Bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Maintain a register
  • Perform detailed tracking and reporting for all of your accounts, even those not at Huntington.

Getting Started Guides:





Question: What is the difference between Online Banking and PC Banking?

Answer: Online Banking uses the Internet for access; with PC Banking you use software (Quicken and QuickBooks) that is installed on your PC.

Question: What accounts can I track with PC Banking?

Answer: Huntington PC Banking allows you to manage your entire net worth. While you are paying bills, transferring funds from your Huntington bank accounts, you can also track your CDs, investment accounts, loans and mortgages - even if they are not held at Huntington.

Question: What other features does PC Banking offer?

Answer: Utilizing the personal financial management software such as Quicken and QuickBooks, you can perform a detailed analysis of your current financial status including retirement planning, tuition planning and budget planning to help manage your finances even better.

Question: Can I maintain a register and track uncleared transactions with PC Banking?

Answer: Yes, PC Banking allows you to not only watch all cleared transactions, but also allows you to enter transactions such as ATM withdraws, debit card purchases and checks that you write just as you would with a paper register. Plus, it's fun and easy to enter. When you synch up with Huntington using the online connection, reconciling is much easier as it matches these manually entered transactions with the Huntington cleared transactions.

Question: Can I use PC Banking while not being online?

Answer: Yes, you have the ability to enter your bill payments, requests to transfer funds, transactions and even a secured message without being logged in. All you need to do once you finish your banking is make a connection, request an online update and about a minute later, you've sent all your requests. You are now simply able to disconnect and continue managing your money without having to wait for your screen to load. This can be much faster than working online.

Question: What if I need to see my accounts while I'm traveling?

Answer: No problem. All PC Banking customers have access to Huntington Online Banking at no additional cost. Simply use your PC Banking Customer Identification Number and PIN as your Online Banking Username and Password.

Question: What is the monthly cost of PC Banking?

Answer: The cost of PC Banking vary based on account type. For Consumer accounts, the fee is $2.95/month. For Business accounts please reference your account charges form.

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