Use These Tips When Banking Online

  • Watch for the green bar. When using Huntington's secure, SSL-encrypted online banking system, you will see a green bar appear (see below). You will also find the "s" at the end of "http" for secure.

  • Look for the padlock. There is a de facto standard among web browsers to display a "lock" icon somewhere in the window of the browser (NOT in the web page display area).
  • Check for the "s" – for "secure." Normally, when browsing the web, a URL begins with the letters "http." However, over a secure connection, you will see the letters “https” in front of the web address -- the “s” standing for secure.

  • Passwords
    • Use a unique username and password for your Huntington account. Use different passwords for different sites to make it harder for identity thieves to guess. If you make all of your passwords the same, criminals just need to figure it out once to have access to all of your data.
  • Having a strong password will make your online activities safer. Strong passwords are at least eight characters long and should contain a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters (' . , # @ : ? ( ) $ / \).
  • Do not use your Social Security number or any part of your email address as your username or password.
  • Keep any written record of your passwords in a safe location. Never share your confidential passwords with anyone and make them difficult for anyone to guess.
  • Do not use easy phrases or numbers, such as your children's names, mother's maiden name, birth dates, or addresses.
  • Update your Online Banking password regularly. Although changing your password is not required, we strongly recommend that you change it on a regular basis. Choose passwords that are not obvious and that would be difficult to guess. To strengthen security, choose a password consisting of both alphabetic and numeric characters.
To change your Huntington username or password:
    1. Log in to Online Banking.
    2. Select the Customer Service tab.
    3. Select Change Password.
    4. Follow the remaining instructions to change your password.
  • Protect your answers to security questions. Huntington will never ask you to provide answers to security questions via email.
  • Verify your last login date. Your login information appears on the lower left-hand side of the My Accounts page. If you feel that the information may be inaccurate, please call us immediately at 1-800-480-BANK (2265) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Avoid using a public or shared computer for online banking activities. Online banking activities should be conducted on a computer you know to be safe and secure. If you must use a computer other than your own, make sure to logout (do not simply close the browser window) and clear the browser history and cookies when finished.
  • Always use a secure network. Networks in retail locations, hotels, libraries, etc. are easily tampered with and should not be considered secure for online banking.

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