Policy for Maintaining a Do-Not-Call List

At Huntington, we strive to provide you with not only the most competitive products and quality customer service, but also the ease and convenience you deserve. In addition, we are committed to honoring the "do-not-call" preferences of our current and prospective customers. In support of this commitment, and pursuant to federal law, Huntington has adopted the following Policy:

  • Training Personnel Engaged in Telemarketing. All associates engaged in telemarketing calls to a residence are required to comply with this Policy.
  • Recording and Disclosure of Do-Not-Call Requests. If an associate making a telemarketing call receives a request from a residential subscriber not to receive calls from Huntington, the associate is required to record the request and place the subscriber's name (if provided) and telephone number on Huntington's do-not-call list at the time the request is made. Telemarketing calls to such subscriber must honor the subscriber's do-not-call request within a reasonable time from the date the request is made, which may not exceed 30 days from the date of such request. An associate making a call for telemarketing purposes must obtain a consumer's prior express permission to share or forward the consumer's request not to be called to a party other than the person or entity on whose behalf a telemarketing call is made or an affiliated entity.
  • National Do-Not-Call Registry. No associate shall make a telemarketing call to a residential telephone subscriber who has registered his or her telephone number on the national do-not-call registry of persons who do not wish to receive telephone solicitations that is maintained by the federal government. However, this restriction shall not apply to (i) any person with that person's prior express invitation or permission or (ii) to any person with whom Huntington has an established business relationship. Additional restrictions may apply with respect to do-not-call requirements under applicable state law.
  • Maintenance of Do-Not-Call Lists. Huntington shall maintain a record of all residential subscribers who request not to receive telemarketing calls or who have registered on the national do-not-call list or any separate applicable state do-not-call list. Do-not-call requests must be honored for five years from the time the request is made (or any longer period required by applicable state law). All lists of customers and prospective customers to be called for telemarketing purposes must first be screened against all applicable do-not-call lists.
  • Affiliated Persons or Entities. Unless specifically requested by a residential subscriber or otherwise required by applicable state law, Huntington will only apply do-not-call requests to the particular business entity making the call and will not apply the request to any affiliated entities unless the residential subscriber reasonably would expect the affiliated entity to be included, given the identification of the caller and the product being advertised.

To be placed on Huntington's do-not-call list, follow the instructions located in the "Your Choice About Promotional Offers" section of Huntington's Customer Information Privacy Notice or write to us at: The Huntington National Bank, Do-Not-Call List, P.O. Box 1558, HC0634, Columbus, Ohio 43272. The request must include the 10-digit telephone number that is not to be called and the person's name, if desired.

We appreciate your interest in our telemarketing policy. If you have questions or need more information, see your personal banker or call us at (800) 480-2265, daily 6:00 a.m. to midnight ET.

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