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Business Online is the single point of contact to your accounts that helps you make business decisions. It will adapt and grow with your business — just add users, products, and services as needed.

Online Reporting Packages

Online Reporting Packages

Access to accounts, transactions, and statements at your fingertips.


Additional options to personalize, automate, and elevate tasks and functions that are central to your business with our new dashboard.
Balance and Transaction, Image, and Liquidity / Investment History ?

13 months

24 months

Statement History ?

24 months

24 months

User Delegated Access ?
Build Custom Reports ?
Export Function ?

Includes CSV, QuickBooks, and Quicken

Includes CSV, Quicken, QuickBooks, PDF, XML, Word, Excel, Crystal BAI2, and BAI2R

Balance Alerts ? Checkmark

Transaction Alerts ?
Incoming Payment Alerts ?
Outgoing Payment Alerts ?
Custom Account Dashboard View ?
User-Defined Transaction View ?
Advanced Info Reports ?

Includes robust search tools and configurable reports

Long-Term 7-Year Archive ?

5 Archive Reports

Additional Services

Business Online provides access to a full suite of treasury solutions for your business.

Liquidity Management

  • Concentrate cash with Zero Balance Accounting, while accessing liquidity reports and relationship diagrams

Specialized Services

  • Access services like Revenue Manager for Health Care or Floor Plans for Auto Dealers

Security is our number one priority

Helping to keep your information private and secure and preventing unauthorized users from initiating actions on your account is a top priority here at Huntington.
Two important security measures are supported on Business Online:

Dual Control and Authorization

Dual control and authorization procedures are strongly encouraged and are supported by Business Online. Dual control requires actions taken by one person or security administrator in your company to be presented to another person for authorization. Dual control is an important security measure that can be applied to all Payment Center actions and to all user set-up and corresponding entitlement procedures.

Two-Factor Authentication for Added Security

As an added measure of safety and control, Huntington requires use of two-factor authentication at log on for each registered user. Two factor authentication combines something you know (an ID and Password), with something you have (a security token) in order to gain access to the system.

Both capabilities represent added measures to help safeguard your company information and transaction origination capability.

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