We're for people.

At Huntington, we're for people. For who they are, and who they could become.

The young ones. The “seasoned” ones. The just-getting-started and the just-getting-by. Yes, we’re a bank. But look past the money, and you’ll see real human lives.

We see it. Because we’re for people.


It started with a road trip into the American Midwest. We met people from all over who shared their systems for managing their spending, savings, and cash flow. Along the way, they gave us ideas that could help everyone. Watch their stories.

Meet Brenda
Brenda and her envelopes sparked the idea to create digital envelopes to help people manage their spending.

Meet the Garcias
The Garcias’ highlighters gave us the idea to send a Huntington Heads Up® message+ when we spot a financial challenge or opportunity.

Meet Jason
Jason and his jars inspired us to build a digital tool where people can set up savings goals right in their account.

Meet Jane & Dontelle
Their calendar with sticky notes inspired us to create a digital version for businesses to forecast their cash flow.

The Story Behind the Road Trip


Huntington colleagues traveled around the Midwest, into the communities we serve to listen to people talk about money. Through these conversations we were able to dig deep into the challenges people face and develop innovative ways to help overcome them. This is that story.

At Huntington, every personal and business checking account comes with The Hub, our digital banking experience designed to look out for your financial well-being. Using these tools can help you make smarter financial decisions, for yourself or your business.

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