Huntington Heads Up

Presenting Huntington Heads Up. You set the monthly amounts you want to spend on shopping – or groceries, or restaurants, or whatever – and throughout the month, Huntington will send you a Heads Up to keep you on track. So you can save more. It’s just one more way we’re looking out for you.

1. Set Up Your Budgets

Log in to create budgets for categories like dining and shopping, and subcategories like coffee shops and electronics. We'll get you started by setting up a few budgets based on your spending history.

2. HEADS UP Keeps You

As you use your Huntington debit and credit cards, we'll track your spending by category. And we'll send you a Heads Up to let you know if your spending is on track, getting close to your limit, or went over.


At the end of the month, we'll let you know how you did. Then you can decide what to do next. Under budget? Maybe put the extra into savings. Over budget? Maybe adjust for next month.

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To get Heads Up, you'll need to be enrolled in Huntington alerts. To enroll, log into your account, go to Manage Alerts, and select Financial Tools. There you can choose to get them delivered by text, email or push notifications - or all three. (Carrier's message and data rates may apply.)

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Heads Up is part of our new digital banking experience and is free for all Huntington customers. Explore our checking account options to get started and see how Huntington can help you manage your money.

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Heads Up is just one way we look out for your financial well-being.
We have a number of tools and insights to help you make smarter decisions about your money.
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