This digital service uses your spending habits to help find savings

Money Scout analyzes your spending habits, then automatically moves small amounts of money from your checking to your savings account.

We understand that saving money can be hard. As a bank that looks out for people, we found an easier way to help our customers save money. We listened to what you said you needed while understanding that everyone’s money habits are different.

So, we created Money Scout, a service that can help spot extra savings opportunities that are tailored to you. It works in the background, so you can get on with your life.

Money Scout is available to customers with a Huntington checking and savings account. It analyzes your spending habits, income, and upcoming expenses to ‘scout’ money that hasn't been used in your checking account and automatically transfers small amounts into your savings. The idea is to find funds that you could save without even noticing—at least until you check your savings balance.

“There are plenty of banking apps in the market where you can automate a preset amount to transfer to your savings,” said Mark Emerson, Customer Experience Innovation Manager. “But Money Scout learns a customer’s money habits to figure out how much money to save for you.”

Money Scout learns by watching deposit and withdrawal patterns in individual accounts. That means the amount and frequency of transfers is unique to you, and changes as your financial situation changes. Just got a raise? Money Scout will notice the pattern of increased deposits and adjust what it moves over.

Looking to save money in a way that fits your budget? Money Scout can help.

It analyzes your spending habits, income, and upcoming expenses to find money that hasn't been used in your checking account—from $5 to $50—then moves it from your checking to your savings, automatically. The result: Small savings that can help move you toward your goals. Best of all, Money Scout can be found in The Hub—no new app required. To learn more, click here.

Learning and making savings easier

Money Scout can help you stick to a savings plan, because there’s truly nothing additional for you to do. You can enroll in Money Scout from the Account Detail page in your Savings or Checking account in Online Banking. A Huntington Heads Up® alert will notify you anytime a transfer is made.

Money Scout looks at your history of transactions, and uses data to recognize one-time events, such as a tax-refund, so it doesn’t trigger any big transfers.

It also has safeguards built in—it will never move more than $50 at a time and never more than three times a week. It also won’t do anything if your balance falls below $250.

“We’re excited to use technology like this [Money Scout] to help our customers achieve more of their financial goals,” said Emerson. “We want to help make saving a little bit easier for our customers, so they can focus on what matters most to them – their health, family, and friends.”

If you need help saving money towards your financial goals, let Money Scout do the work for you.


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A woman automating her savings with Money Scout℠

Mark Emerson, Interview, December 2019.

Message and data rates apply

Money Scout automatically schedules transfers from your selected checking account to your selected savings account. A money market account (MMA) cannot be a selected savings account for use with Money Scout. A scheduled transfer may be canceled before midnight ET on the day it is scheduled. Transfer amounts and frequency may vary and will reduce the money available in your checking account to cover other transactions. You are responsible for ensuring your checking account has sufficient funds. You may be charged overdraft fees if your account falls below $0. Subject to eligibility, terms and conditions, and other account agreements.

Money Scout is a service mark of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated.