Savings Accounts & CDs
Learn more about how our personal savings accounts and certificates of deposits can help you in retirement.

Plan for retirement and life events with Huntington

Why Retirement is Good  

What does retirement mean for you? Newfound freedom? Travel? An unexpected sense of loss? Plan for all of the possibilities and see retirement as an opportunity to live the life you've imagined. More info.

Life Event Planning  

Get the information you need about issues like your Social Security benefits, moving your retirement plan to a new employer, estate planning and taxes1, taking IRA distributions and long-term care insurance. More info.

Roth IRA Retirement Calculators  

Now or later? When should you pay taxes on retirement savings? Our online calculator helps you measure the benefits of a Roth IRA. More info.

Additional Retirement Calculators  

Are you saving enough? What effect can inflation have on investment returns? Our online tools help you analyze your financial goals. More info.

Offsite Resources  

Links to Web sites with information about health, finance and other age-related issues. More info.


1Consult your tax professional.