Your Personal Banking Transition

Welcome to Huntington.

TCF has officially joined Huntington and good things are on the way. Together we'll bring you innovations that help you reach more of your financial goals. And together, we'll be stronger, combining our branches and ATMs and uniting our banking colleagues.

For now, just keep banking with TCF as usual. We’ll update this site regularly, so visit again soon. We’ll continue to add all the details you’ll need for a smooth transition to Huntington.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Ahead in 2021


TCF officially joins Huntington
(Keep banking as usual)


Your Huntington Welcome Package arrives with the details you need for a smooth transition


Your TCF banking relationship moves to Huntington


TCF Portfolio Edge investment relationships move to Huntington

What Makes Huntington Different

We’re a bank that never hesitates to come up with big ideas that go beyond banking-as-usual. Whether it’s a personal financial challenge or some other obstacle, we see challenges as opportunities to make things better.

In recent years, we’ve made headlines with unique innovations. The Hub, Huntington Heads Up®, 24-Hour Grace®1, and no overdraft fee $50 Safety Zone1, among other solutions, have helped our customers bank easier, pay fewer fees, control spending, and organize their futures.

Learn more about our recent customer innovations.

Answers to your Questions

Do I need to make any immediate changes?

Answer: For now, just keep banking at TCF as usual. We’ll send you all the details you need to know, in advance of any changes that impact your day-to-day banking.

When can I start banking at Huntington branches?

Answer: You may begin banking at Huntington branches on October 12, when the transition from TCF to Huntington will be complete. Starting June 9, you can use any of our 1,700+ Huntington ATMs to withdraw cash with no Huntington or TCF ATM fees.

Are any of my banking centers closing?

Answer: There will be some TCF and Huntington banking center consolidations, primarily in places where the TCF and Huntington locations are close to each other. If a banking center near you is affected, we’ll give you plenty of advance notice.

How will my accounts change?

Answer: For your convenience, we will automatically select the Huntington account that is closest to your current TCF account. We’ll tell you all about it in advance, when we send you a Welcome Package describing your new accounts.

Will my account numbers change?

Answer: Your account and routing numbers will change. You will have access to this information via online banking.

Can I continue to use my TCF checks?

Answer: Yes, your checks will continue to work as usual, even after the transfer of your deposit accounts to Huntington on October 12. The first time you reorder checks after October 12, you’ll receive checks with your new account number, automatically.

Will all of my accounts convert to Huntington in October?

Answer: Yes, all accounts will transition to Huntington in October. We will contact you with more information regarding next steps related to your investment account(s).

How about my loan or line of credit relationships? Will these transfer as well?

Answer: Yes, these credit relationships will transfer to Huntington, and we will notify you of any details you need to know. For now, you should continue to make loan payments, as you do today:

  • Mail to the address on your loan statement
  • Online at
  • At any TCF banking center

Will my credit card change?

Answer: If you currently have a TCF or Chemical Bank branded credit card, your account will continue to be managed by First Bankcard® (the current provider) and will not be transitioned to Huntington Bank. Your card will continue to work with no interruption. Contact the telephone number or website listed on the back of your card for any questions.

Will I keep online and mobile access?

Answer: Yes. When your TCF accounts become Huntington accounts on October 12, you’ll transition to Huntington online and mobile banking. To make this process easy for you, when you log into your TCF digital banking in July, we’ll guide you through some simple steps to update your login ID and password. We’ll be reaching out in advance with more details.

What happens to my FDIC coverage if I have accounts at both banks?

Answer: If you have accounts at both banks as of June 9, FDIC coverage of your deposits will remain separate through December 9, 2021 or possibly longer for CDs depending on the maturity date. If you have questions about your FDIC insurance, call the FDIC toll-free at 1-877-ASK-FDIC, or refer to the FDIC website for additional details at

How is COVID-19 affecting Huntington service?

Answer: Banking center lobbies at TCF and Huntington have reopened, with procedures in place for your safety and the safety of our colleagues. We are continuing to follow the latest CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19.

How will Huntington support my community?

Answer: Supporting local communities is one of our top priorities. Huntington has a five-year, $20 billion Community Plan to help boost economic opportunity in neighborhoods throughout our newly expanded market area. In just this past year, we have placed $952 million in community development loans and investments, including loans supporting affordable housing. Now and in the future, we will continue to work with integrity and focus, working with our clients and giving back to the people and organizations who depend on us.

Avoid Overdraft Fees


24-Hour Grace®

We all make mistakes, but our 24-Hour Grace® feature is designed to give you more time to make a deposit in order to avoid an Overdraft Fee.

Learn more


$50 Safety Zone

If you accidentally overdraw your account by $50 or less, you won't be charged an overdraft fee, thanks to our $50 Safety Zone.

Learn more

Seriously Better Checking


Asterisk-Free Checking®

It’s free to open, free to maintain, free of balance requirements, and free of monthly maintenance fees.

Learn more


Huntington 5 Checking® and Huntington 25 Checking®

With these two interest-bearing accounts, your balance levels start earning you perks you may not expect.

Learn more


Benefits That Come Standard With Every Checking Account

  • 24-Hour Grace® and no overdraft fee $50 Safety Zone1
  • Opportunity to enroll in Money Scout®2
  • Huntington Heads Up® alerts3
  • Powerful digital money management tools

Learn more

Financial Fitness: The Hub and Huntington Heads Up®


Huntington Digital Demos

Learn more about features and services available with the Huntington Online Banking experience. Get familiar now with the many digital tools that will be available to you on October 12, 2021.

Watch the Digital Demos


Industry-Leading App & Hub Tools

Start taking control of your money anytime, anywhere, with this suite of hard-working tools.

Learn more


Huntington Heads Up® Alerts

Huntington Heads Up® lets you know exactly where your money is going and provides real-time insights to help you make more informed decisions3.

Learn more

Faster Access to Money


Standby Cash

Standby Cash℠ allows you to access between $100 and $1,000 with no interest or fees—just pay it back over three months. And, it's absolutely free when you set up automatic payments. Otherwise, a 1% monthly interest charge (12% APR) applies to the outstanding balances4.

Learn more

First Bankcard® is a federally registered trademark of First Bankcard, a division of First National Bank of Omaha.

1 $50 Safety Zone and 24-Hour Grace® do not apply to returned items and their associated fees. Your account will be automatically closed if it remains negative in any amount for 60 days.

2 Money Scout® automatically schedules transfers from your selected checking account and credits your selected savings account. A money market account (MMA) cannot be a selected savings account for use with Money Scout®. A scheduled transfer may be canceled before midnight ET on the day it is scheduled. Transfer amounts and frequency may vary and will reduce the money available in your account to cover other transactions. You are responsible for ensuring your account has sufficient funds. You may be charged overdraft fees if your account falls below $0. Subject to eligibility, terms and conditions, and other account agreements.

3Message and data rates may apply.

4Subject to terms and conditions and other account agreements. Available through online banking or the Huntington Mobile app to individuals with an active consumer checking account open at least three months with consistent monthly deposit activity of $750 or more. Other eligibility requirements apply. Amount available through Standby Cash is subject to change based on changes to customer eligibility, including checking and deposit activity, overdrafts, and daily balances. A 1% monthly interest charge (12% APR) will be added to outstanding balances if automatic payments are not scheduled. If 100% of the approved credit line is drawn three months in a row, Standby Cash will be suspended until it’s paid to a zero balance. When any of your Huntington deposit accounts are in an overdraft status for more than one day, your Standby Cash line will be suspended until they are no longer negative. Business checking accounts are not eligible for Standby Cash.

Huntington Financial Advisors® is a service mark and trade name under which The Huntington Investment Company offers securities and insurance products and services. The Huntington Investment Company is a registered broker-dealer, member FINRA and SIPC, and registered investment adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Huntington Financial Advisors® is a federally registered service mark of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated.

Certain insurance products are offered by Huntington Insurance, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated, and underwritten by third-party insurance carriers not affiliated with Huntington Insurance, Inc.

Trust and certain investment management services are provided by The Huntington National Bank, a national bank with fiduciary powers. The Huntington National Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated.

24-Hour Grace®, Asterisk-Free Checking®, Huntington 5®, Huntington 25® and Money Scout® are federally registered servicemarks of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated. $50 Safety Zone and Standby Cash are service marks of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated. The 24-Hour Grace system and method is patented. U.S. Pat no. 8,364,581, 8,781,955, 10,475,118, and others pending.

TCF® and the TCF logo are federally registered service marks of Huntington Bancshares Incorporated.