Looking Out for Our Communities

With a focus on under-resourced communities, our 2021 Strategic Community Plan pledges $40 billion to strengthen small businesses and foster economic justice throughout the bank’s footprint over the next five years.


Our expanded commitment focuses on increasing lending and services to address economic, social, environmental, and racial equity challenges:

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Racial & Social Equity

At the core of the 2021 Strategic Community Plan is a special emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives, including those that support environmental equity. The bank will allocate significant dollars to minority borrowers and communities to advance meaningful and systemic change.

Community Development Lending & Investing

Huntington is dedicated to increasing capital to historically disadvantaged people, businesses, and communities. Huntington is committing $6.5 billion in loans and investments to establish programs and services that foster equity in areas such as affordable housing, small business financing, and community services; $2 billion will focus on minority initiatives in these areas.

Home & Consumer Lending

Huntington will adopt an affordable housing and consumer lending goal of $24 billion; $12 billion is committed to meeting the needs of minority and under-resourced populations.

Small Business

Huntington will expand its Small Business lending programs into its new footprint and commit $10 billion over five years; $2 billion will focus on lending to minority-owned businesses or businesses operating in majority-minority communities.

Community Works in Progress

Stories of hard work, hope, and radical change.

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