Can You Get A Cashier’s Check Without A Checking Account?

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Huntington explains how you can get a cashier’s check without a bank account.
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Yes, it’s possible to get a cashier’s check without a checking account, but you may need another type of bank account like a traditional deposit account, loan, or investment account§. If you have insurance, a credit card, or a safe deposit box with Huntington, you can get a cashier’s check without a traditional deposit account.

But there are two circumstances when you don’t need an active bank account to get a cashier’s check:

  • If the account holder is deceased and the beneficiary is closing the account, the beneficiary will be issued a cashier’s check.
  • If you are a former customer coming in with cash or a cash equivalent to rectify a charged off account, you can then purchase a cashier’s check for the purpose of settling the obligation.

Can You Get A Cashier’s Check Using A Savings Account?

Yes, you can get a cashier’s check using a savings account. Savings accounts, like our Huntington Relationship Savings Account and Huntington Relationship Money Market Account, are traditional deposit accounts and can be used to get a cashier’s check.

Keep in mind that savings accounts like these have usage limits, meaning The Federal Reserve limits certain withdrawals from these types of savings accounts to six per month. If you have already made those six withdrawals, your bank may not allow the transaction or may charge you a fee to do it.

If you aren’t a Huntington customer, you can sign up for a savings account and take advantage of our banking services.

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How Can I Cash A Cashier’s Check Without A Checking Account?

You can usually cash a cashier's check at the issuing bank, regardless of the amount it's drawn for once you endorse it, even if you don't have an account there. Alternatively, it’s possible to cash a cashier’s check at a check-cashing store, but there might be a fee. Due to the prevalence of cashier’s check scams, some check cashing companies will limit the value of a check that they’ll cash¥.

If the issuing bank is too far away and the check’s value is too high for a check cashing store, a cashier’s check can be used as the initial deposit funds for opening an FDIC insured bank account, but make sure you’re getting the right account for your needs.

You don’t want fees or minimum balances to monopolize the funds from the cashier’s check. Huntington has eliminated these barriers with our no minimum to open, no minimum balance, no monthly maintenance fee, Asterisk-Free Checking® account.

Can I Deposit a Cashier’s Check into Someone Else’s Account?

It might be possible to deposit a cashier’s check into someone else’s account, but the cashier’s check needs to be endorsed as a third-party check§§. Some banks will not accept third-party checks. It’s best to contact the check writer’s bank and the ultimate payee’s bank directly and find out if they will accept it¥.

For more information or if you have questions about how to get a cashier’s check without a bank account, talk to a Huntington banker or visit any Huntington branch.

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