How to Dispute a Debit Card Charge

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Learn how you can dispute a debit card charge and how to handle fraudulent activity with Huntington Bank.

You might have questions about what to do if you see suspicious activity on your account. While we hope you never have to face this issue, we want you to know how to bring this issue to Huntington's attention.

We recommend that you review your account activity regularly to check for any unusual activity.

Disputing a debit card transaction should be done promptly whenever you see an error or potential fraudulent or unauthorized transaction on your bank statement.

Step 1: Contact us, immediately. Call us at (800) 542-2657, visit a Huntington branch, or write to us at The Huntington National Bank, P.O. Box 1558, Attn: GW4W61, Columbus, Ohio 43216. If calling, we’ll ask for some information, including the date of the transaction and the dollar amount. If writing to us: include your name, contact information, account number, description of the error, and dollar amount.  See your Huntington Consumer Deposit Account Disclosures for more information on contacting us about errors and questions and reporting unauthorized transfers.

Step 2: Deactivate old card. If you are disputing a fraudulent transaction, your current card must be closed to prevent further unauthorized charges. We will then issue you a new debit card. If you need a temporary ATM card to use for cash withdrawals while you wait for your new debit card to arrive, you may pick one up by visiting a local branch office.

Step 3: Wait for results. We’ll begin an investigation into the issue. If you notified us of the disputed transaction or error within 60 days of the transaction appearing on your statement, you will either receive a temporary credit or a case resolution within 10 business days or for new customers within 20 business days. We may need to contact the merchant or you for additional information. We will contact you and let you know the results of our investigation. If the dispute is resolved in your favor, any temporary credit will become permanent. If the dispute is not resolved in your favor, you will be notified, and any temporary credit will be reversed.

There are many types of fraud alerts for checking, savings, and credit card accounts that we may use to notify you of unusual activity, which can help protect you from fraud.

Huntington Heads Up®

These days, we could all use a second set of eyes on our money. Huntington Heads Up® is always monitoring your cash flow and will alert you if something might need your attention, like duplicate charges, or refund notifications.
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If you're a Huntington customer, sign up for Huntington Heads Up® fraud alerts¥. Huntington Heads Up provides real-time alerts tied to your Huntington accounts or Huntington debit or credit cards. When you enroll in alerts, you can choose to receive a Huntington Heads Up alert letting you know as soon as your card is used for an online, phone, or mail purchase to help you spot fraudulent charges earlier.

If you can't find the alert you're looking for, let us know. We're ready to help in person or on the phone. You can call us at (800) 542-2657.

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