Looking for a new car? Download our worksheet to get started.

Use our five money-saving moves to help put you in the driver’s seat.

We’ve all been there: revved up to get a new vehicle, but also determined not to overpay or miss a hard-to-spot expense in the deal. When you start to shop, you may be bombarded with offers, showered with small-print details, and tempted to add on pricey options. All of this can dampen the excitement of buying or leasing a car, one of the biggest spending decisions you can make.

The good news is that online tools offer more price and choice options than ever before. That means you can be armed with facts when you go into negotiations at the dealership. Or you may be able to avoid negotiations altogether.

Download and complete our five-step worksheet before you hit the road and check out Huntington’s auto calculators, along with tips from a banker on how you can budget for a car.

Can You Really Afford to Buy or Lease That New Car?

Professional, honest advice from one of our bankers that can help you find out.
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