Safe Social Networking

  • Do not use the same username and password to log into social networking sites that you use to access your Huntington accounts.
  • Protect personal information by not displaying it on social networking. Much of the information that can be displayed in your profile can also be used to verify your identity when accessing accounts online. For example, date of birth, city of birth, mother’s maiden name, and the high school you graduated from are all questions that may be asked to help verify your identity before access to an account is provided.
  • Pay attention to the challenge questions and responses you select for accounts and ensure you do not easily provide that information to others through social networks.
  • Always carefully review the privacy options for any social network you join and use privacy settings to limit access to your information.
  • Use caution when accepting requests and clicking links. Messages that appear to come from a friend or family member, may not be authentic as that person’s account may have been hacked or infected and could now be spreading malware.

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