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Shred all Disgarded Personal Information

Shred all personal information that you receive through the U.S. Postal Service

The majority of today's identity theft happens when mail is stolen from your trash or directly from your mailbox. Always shred:

  • Charge receipts
  • Copies of credit applications
  • Insurance forms
  • Physician statements
  • Checks and bank statements
  • ATM receipts
  • Expired charge cards that you're discarding
  • Credit offers you get in the mail.

Personal shredding machines are widely available, fairly inexpensive, and worth the investment.

You may also want to consider taking outgoing mail containing personal information to your local post office or setting up a secured mailbox. And if you're going to be traveling, you can put a vacation hold on your mail by calling the U.S. Postal Service at 1-800-275-8777 or going online to